Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Started

I finally caught the blogging bug, as it seems to be the popular method for artists to project their art and feelings onto an online audience. I've never been good about keeping a journal or diary--though I have tried--but I'm hoping that things will be different this time, that having a publicly read log will help me maintain focus and keep active in my illustration work. The idea is that I'll have the eyes of my readers judging me, even if I can count them only on one hand, and they can hold me accountable for what I produce (because holding myself accountable isn't good enough for me).

Most importantly, my hope for this blog is to find my voice, artistic or otherwise, and to focus on silliness, because silliness is what keeps me inspired, happy, and sane.

I have some fun and exciting news to reveal. More posts to follow.

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