Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Muppet Friend

WARNING: I'm not feeling particularly literate today. The following blog may appear disjointed.

The Comics for Cures sketch card auction for the American Cancer Society has begun! Please take a moment to peruse the art and donate if you feel so inclined. (Comics nerds may be especially pleased by the selection.) The sketches are arranged by title, so if you're looking for mine in particular they go by "Shanon," "Canary," and "Samuel." Happy hunting!

I painted fellow illustrator Chris O'Neill as a muppet for his birthday. Enjoy, my friend.

More progress on the fitting room scene. The drawing is completed and inked. Many thanks to Sam Hamilton for telling me to redo it because I'm way happier with it now. It feels right. It's also much larger than I usually work, large enough that I have to approach the painting a different way, so a nice challenge on all fronts. Here's a peek:

I also updated my resume. It's nice to realize how productive I've been since last year.

Have a good week, everyone! I'm going to go cuddle with my kitty:

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  1. just wanted to say thanks again for the funny and excellent drawing!

    im really glad both of you could come by for the party.