Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mobius Drawing Session

Went to Mobius's Drawing Marathon today with the hubs and met up with Chris, Sarah, and Amanda. Apparently, Matt and I had arrived too late for some guano-crazy stuff (sad-face) but I managed to get some decent sketches in while watching the two remaining performances. The ink in my brush pen ran out after the very first sketch, so the rest I drew in my old standby, ball-point pen.

There was also a guy who was making lace by hand. INSANE. I tried to sketch what was going on, but it was way too intricate so I ended up just watching him work. I never gave any thought before as to what would go into handmade lace. It got me thinking about how lace was created prior to mass production...but I digress.

I'm pretty excited about the start of this week, simply because it marks the end of last week. Last week was bad. This week will be good!

Until next time! Thanks for looking!

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