Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inbound #5 Debuts!

The debut of Inbound #5 finally arrived yesterday when the BCR sold its first copies at MICE!

And the full illustration...

I'm so excited about this anthology! I think it's the strongest issue of Inbound yet. I don't think they're for sale yet online or in stores, so be sure to check back for more information as I'll be posting about how/where to get them!

Speaking of MICE, Boston's first independent comics expo was a huge success! I had a great time socializing with fellow comics enthusiasts, selling my prints, and meeting new people. Conversation ranged from zombies to braces to Cary Grant movies to magicians' assistants! (Perhaps an illustration of a Cary Grant zombie wearing braces and performing magic is in order?)

To those of you who went home with one of my illustrations, a warm and fuzzy THANK YOU!! A big thanks, too, goes out to the Boston Comics Roundtable for doing a great job organizing the event. I can't wait for next year!


  1. Hey, it was nice to meet you at MICE ... I was completely blown away by your gorgeous artwork. (I'm still so thrilled to be in such a PRETTY book!) Realized you also did the Mark Twain story in the last volume, which was one of my favorites.

    I was wondering - do you sell your prints online at all? I had a limited budget for the con (so many minicomics, so little time), but I would dearly like to get something bigger than postcard-size to hang on my wall at some point.

    -Allie Kleber

  2. Congrats! The cover looks great (and so do you!)

  3. Thanks, Kate! Congrats for your successful MICE day too! Your table was gorgeous.

    Allie, thanks so much! It was great to meet you too. I do have an Etsy shop (that has been woefully neglected lately) on which I plan to post prints of my work. If you have something in particular you want a copy of, let me know! I'm taking requests!

  4. Ellen, cover looks awesome so glad MICE was a huge success. You're the real deal woman! So proud and happy for you.

  5. Congrats on the cover! The cover looks great.