Monday, April 25, 2011


This is something I did for FableVision that won't end up being used, so I have the pleasure of showing you! It illustrates the end of a school day in kindergarten. Sometimes I draw people with clothes I wish I had; you see that girl with the curly pigtails? I want her sweater and her coat. Right now. (She can keep her backpack.)

This weekend is a big one for art openings! Don't forget that this Friday--one day only!--is the Creative Juices show, "Outside the Box: A Visionary Art Show," in which I have three pieces all hanging for the first time--My Girl, Mad Zombies, and BYOB #51!

Also, the AIB/Glovebox show, "The Second Dimension," at Yes Oui Si gallery, hangs this Wednesday with a reception on Saturday. Vintage Superhero will make her second appearance in public, and for the first time BYOB #50--the digital print paired with its original drawing! (Also, "The Second Dimension's" reception is sponsored by PBR, with that what you will.)

Hope to see you there times two!

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  1. I totally want the dress in the middle :) Super cute! I love seeing really vibrant (errr energetic, errr bright :) ) colors in your work. You make me sort of miss being in kindergarten... sort of.