Thursday, May 28, 2009


If I was a novelist, I would have a field day with the names I've come across this afternoon. Going through the W's of patients past...

Harold Withee
Dan Wirth
John Whitlock
Annette Wint

There something whimsical about these names. If I ever get around to making a graphic novel, I'm integrating one or more of these names somehow.

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  1. i know a dan wirth, except hes a daniel and he spells his name worth, and actually no one calls him daniel, they call him mojer (mow jhur)

    but i digress.

    you know i saw that it said "evil" next to your face while i was scanning that page, and i thought... why did i write that? to be honest i cant remember. maybe i thought the face you were making was intense or dramatic and that translated to "evil" or that the drawing of you looked less like you and more like an "evil" doppleganger.

    anyway. glad you like them, and yea lets trade drawing styles for a day. i want to add "mad watercolor skills" and "cohesive storytelling" to my toolbelt!