Monday, July 27, 2009

August First Looms

AAAAUUUUGH!!! No sleep 'til August 1st!

I'll show you why later.

Side note to folks thinking of having a solo art show: Buy frames first, then make art to fit them. Having stuff custom framed and/or matted is ROUGH on the wallet. I'm learning from a very expensive mistake. (Oh, and get frames from IKEA, 'cause IKEA rules. The frames are made of the same stuff as my couch!)

While I'm endorsing places of business, if you've got a short run of prints to make (invitations, for example...) go to The print quality isn't phenomenal or anything, but it's good enough. The best part is that you can have printed as many or as little as you want, none of this "100 minimum" crap. You want seven prints? You get seven. You want seven hundred and eighty-two? You get seven hundred and eighty-two. It's awesome, and wasteless.

I miss you, blog! I'll post with pretty pictures again soon!

Back to the ol' drawing board...

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