Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sadly, I will not be participating in Art House Co-op's Sketchbook Library Project after all. I received my blank sketchbook shortly before the project's deadline and, while I totally had the time to finish it, by then I'd lost interest in my theme ("The Other Side of the Tracks"). So my bad.


I do have a nice collection of sketches from the Harvard Museum of Natural History. My idea had been to fill the sketchbook with mazes of animal tracks leading to the animals they belonged to, so I had spent a few Wednesdays visiting the museum and making sketches. You've seen some of them already. So without further ado, please enjoy more taxidermy with the brush pen!


  1. Yes that Bison wants his nose scratched...and that wildcat needs a hug.

  2. love this brush pen and how youre using it so loosely theres a lot of dynamics going on. i must finally purchase one, can you send me the info??