Thursday, June 3, 2010

BYOB Sneak Peak!

I got permission to give a sneak peak of next month's BYOB illustration for Beer Advocate! Next month's column will be about keeping your home-brewed beer cold in the upcoming summer months. This is my second full-color illustration in Flash. (Though probably about my 50th or so Flash illustration; the project I'm working on is in black and white. Boy howdy, am I busy!)

I like very much how it turned out, but I admit that it's a little sad to know that there does not exist an "original" illustration. After being fully immersed in digital media for the past couple weeks I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to do a traditional painting.

I'll have more news after June 11th! My best to all!


  1. Already told you—but man do I dig that crosshatching :) I too lament the lack of having an original piece of artwork, which is why I've been doing more on paper these days.

  2. The digital stuff looks really good, I would not have realized it was Flash upon first glance. Why the different medium for these?