Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting Personal

The hubs and I are back from Europe and we had an amazing time! London and Paris were a blast. I must say that one of my favorite sites on the trip was the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. I could have spent days there, and I nearly cried when it was time to leave them. Achingly beautiful, all of it.

As soon as we returned home, it was back to work with another Beer Advocate illustration! Often when I ink something and I really like how it turned out, I'll make a high-res scan of the linework before I paint it...just in case I screw it up. Next month's BYOB illo was one of these instances:

Luckily, I'm pretty happy with the final. I had a little fun with the lighting...

...and I tried to channel Bill Watterson with those trees back there.

I remember in high school drawing classes when we had to draw balled up paper--and I HATED it. I could never wrap my head around the ins and outs of the paper folds. This may have been the first time I have ever willingly drawn crumpled paper. (By the way, I liked it! How time changes a person.)

Later days!

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