Friday, March 18, 2011

The Beehive State

Wow, I feel a bit sheepish having only found out about this now: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is hosting their annual auction of painted bowling pins! is the last day of the auction. (She said at 9:30pm, EST.) I painted this during my obsession with Pushing Daisies, in case that wasn't apparent.

So go! Quick! Check out some awesome bowling pin art! While there's still time!

Edited to add: The auction has actually ended, but you can still view the pin art! Especially check out
Lucha 4 Life by my buddy, Scott Murry; Ocean Spray by my other buddy, Jana Schipper; and Jelly Fish by my other-other buddy, Taylor Seidler.

Not my buddy, but I'm also kind of in love with
The Art of Adoration by Blain Hefner. He took bowling pin painting to a new level.

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