Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Free Comic Book Day Flamingo

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, and I made a guest appearance at New England Comics in Norwood, MA to do some drawings for comics enthusiasts! I went with the idea that I would do watercolor portraits a la Nathan Stapely, but with kids things never go as expected... With plaintive eyes, they asked, "Can you do superheroes?" How could I say no? So on the spot I learned how to draw Wonder Woman, Thor, and Han Solo, among others. For my efforts, I got my own piece of original art!

Thank you, sweet girl who drew me a flamingo with one of my stickers for its wing! If only you knew the extent of the flamingo paraphernalia in my apartment.

I have a favor to ask of those who got a painting from me: I didn't have the presence of mind to take pictures of the art plus their new owners, so if any of you happen to see this I'd love it if you could email me a snapshot! (Just click on the "About Me" section for my email address.)

And thanks for making my Free Comic Book Day an awesome one!

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