Sunday, June 12, 2011

Girls Drawin' Girls Vol IV PRESALE!

The Girls Drawin' Girls newest pinup collection is almost here! Vol IV: The Way Nature Made Her is now available for pre-order, and with that pre-order comes an extra something special--a unique bookplate!

The book is hard-bound for the first time, with 84 ladies and 174 pages of full color awesomeness! It's also self-published by the group, so there's a lot of love and pride on every page.

My contribution to the book:

I'm in the edible stuff section with Orange. It made me think of being home in Florida, with the brilliant sun shining down as I slurped and sucked on fresh orange pieces straight from the tree in my backyard. (I definitely took this piece to a warm place, but in fact our oranges ripened in December! Still warm by New England standards, of course, but cool by south Florida standards.) It was great to get a little nostalgic while working on this piece.

So if you're a fan of sexy drawings featuring sexy women made by sexy women, grab a copy of The Way Nature Made Her, get a free bookplate, and support some artists all at once!


  1. That piece is fantastic. The color palette is so beautiful and luminous, and I am really digging the colored linework (especially the feet!)