Thursday, August 18, 2011

Overwhelmed By Awesomeness

So, you know that little tumblr Matt and I started featuring fan art by our group of amazing friends? Well, it has been getting an enormous following which grows every day and I'm totally overwhelmed by the awesomeness. Maybe a few hundred followers is small potatoes to some people, but I'm super-stoked and so grateful for the support we're getting from the tumblr community. I especially love seeing the little captions people are adding when they reblog; things like, "oh jesus christ i fucking love this" and "Yaaaaaaaaas!" and "what. is. this. It is beautiful."

Our first topic was 90s Nickelodeon and it was SO COOL to see so many people relate to what we were posting, remembering that they, too, were super-annoyed when those dumb kids couldn't put the g-d monkey together on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Now we're doing a double topic, Studio Ghibli & Wes Anderson. It's only the third day and already Fanartica is filling up with beautiful things. Check it out! And since you're checking out this blog, you might be interested in my you can see all my contributions to Fanartica here.

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