Monday, September 26, 2011

After MICE (2011)

Wow, what a day! I was so jazzed about MICE, I threw so much effort into preparing for it, and it did not disappoint!

As I've mentioned before, I had some brand new merch, including new prints and a 32-page minicomic. In addition, the great Mike Rapa, Barbara Geoghegan, and Renee Kurilla made some freebies to promote our pet project, Fanartica! (If you click on Renee's link, you can see photos of our Fanartica buttons!)

I also had on display the fabulous Girls Drawin' Girls pinup book, The Way Nature Made Her, which Renee had for sale a couple tables down.

My watercolor demo was a surprise hit! At one point there was a shockingly large crowd and I felt a major onset of jitters! There was video taken and if I can get my hands on it I'll make sure I link to it, but in the meantime you can see here that part of my demo included the importance of derp face in watercolor painting. (In fact, you can see a slew of MICE photos here!)

Thanks to everyone for making MICE an enormous success! Can't wait until next year!

(Top two photos courtesy of Renee Kurilla.)

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