Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Just a Mean Green Mother From Outer Space...

...and I am BAD!

Check it out, it's the completed painting from my watercolor demo! It debuted on Little Chimp Society yesterday and Fanartica this morning. What better way to herald the coming of Halloween than with 80s movie monsters?

If you like the digital copy, you'll love to see the original watercolor painting at Space 242's REVENGE OF FREAKY FRIGHT NIGHTS Halloween art show! It'll be hanging with the spookiest and scariest art around, from October 28-31 at Fourth Wall Project. Check out the left sidebar for more info!

And full disclosure: I actually restarted this painting since the demos. I felt like it was getting a little overworked and unfocused. I couldn't be happier with the redo!


  1. It came out great! It was very cool to be privy to your process (even if you did wind up redoing it!)

    Congrats on the show and the great interwebs shoutouts!

  2. Hahaha I LOVE that film little shop of horrors film, it's so cool! I love your paintwork in this piece.

  3. Excellent subject matter.