Monday, January 23, 2012

Beautiful Women

Happy Monday, everyone! To kick off this week, I'm excited to inform you that Three Graces' Teeny Tiny Art Show has returned after a brief hiatus and I'll have another series of paintings on display! I always look forward to this show as an opportunity to try different painting techniques (and to pretend to be a fine artist). This time, I'm exploring a series that I call "Beautiful Women."

The Wrong Pipe
Colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache on paper

I'm trying out colored pencil as line, and while I adore my brush-and-ink and will never forsake it, I can't help but love the color effects of pencil + watercolor! Content-wise, I wanted to apply what I learned in doing the 30-for-30 project by delving into fashion, while still maintaining that bit of silliness that makes So this series depicts beautiful, fashionable women in everyday situations that somewhat compromise their beauty. More to come!

Edited to add: This is my 200th post!

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  1. Really digging the colored pencil line! It adds an interesting quality to compliment your brushwork.