Friday, June 22, 2012


A rejected character for a FableVision client.  (I feel like this chick shows up a lot in my drawings.)  I wish I could show you everything, 'cause this has been a fun opportunity to design a bunch of young'uns, teens and grown-ups!

I'm writing a comic script for an upcoming anthology!  Very beginning stages, very susceptible to change.  Right now it's like a wild hedge, bits and pieces flailing about, no shape or continuity.  The next step is to trim it into something recognizable.

I've been chatting with fellow comic creators about their writing processes, and it's so interesting to learn how differently everyone approaches their craft.  Some write first, some draw and write at the same time, some don't write at all and simply let the story come out through doodles!

I use different methods depending on my motives behind telling a particular story.  When I want something dialogue-driven I find it best for me to write out a script, much like a screenplay, and then tailor it to the comic format.  When I build such a story it's like I'm watching a movie—I'm directing moving pictures in my head—so for me making comics is like working backwards, building up and then deconstructing my imaginary movie into a final product composed of still images.

Any comic creators out there?  What's your method?

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