Friday, June 8, 2012


Last week was FableVision's annual art show, Creative Juices!  It was a killer night with some killer artwork.  Thanks to everyone who came to the opening!

Flower arrangements by Fiana Eber

More work by Keith Z

Amazing felted animals by Renee!

The view from FableVision's window

More work by Renee Kurilla

The self portrait wall!

Work by yours truly!

Work on the wall by Bob Flynn, comics by Bob and me!

Monster drawing activity, the brainchild of Loren Lee Flynn

A gang of weirdos.

Thanks again to everyone who made the night amazing!  Happy Friday!

Photos by Ron Kurilla

1 comment:

  1. Wow, very nice work on the walls! A lot of the art has a vibrant sense of whimsy to them, particularly the "Little Shop of Horrors" piece for me.

    Funny how life interconnects people sometimes too. I met Renee briefly through fellow RIT classmate Noelle Brandmier and Former "Salute Your Shorts" actor Tim Eyster.

    I look forward to exploring the art on this blog more :) Thanks for the posting this entry.