Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Marathon Week 2013

I had a chai latte and an apple turnover at Cafe Vanille on Charles Street while I watched a cocker spaniel begging for food and a stylish Italian gentleman patiently listen to his wife and daughter chat chat chat chat chat...

I had a big essay planned for how I felt when my city was molested last week. Boston has become my home and I love it here, and it hurt like hell to be here when...well. And I was so proud know.

The MFA opened its doors and its special exhibits for free on Tuesday. Samurai!

But I'm not going to write that after all. Instead, I'm going to tell you that last Monday I decided to spend more time outside sketching, that I would try to do it every day, or most every day, because it's been too long since I made something for myself, solely for my own consumption.

With my brush pen running out of ink, I rushed out this drawing at the Gardner Museum. Another artist walked into my view and started sketching himself!

It felt awesome, and I'm so privileged to live in such an inspiring city, where I can walk out my door and take myself to any number of exciting places.

A view from the other side of those arched windows. I got busted during this drawing for using ink (I forgot that's a no-no at the Gardner).

So while these sketches were made with my eyes only in mind, I'd like to share some of them with you. (But not all of them! Sssssecrets!)
I spotted this child tennis star outside the Cambridge Public Library on Saturday. He was swinging that racket like a champ!


  1. Love it! You've always been one of my biggest inspirations! Love the positive outlook, awesome observations, uuuuuuuuuhmazing brush work! <3

  2. I love this! And major props for sneaking in ink and brush to the ISG-- the drawings are gorgeous (I especially love the shadows).