Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hecate, Hear My Call

Just kidding, I'm not Wiccan.

Fair Is Foul, and Foul Is Fair
ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper

This is actually the second time I painted this witch family portrait (to clarify, these are the three witches with their goddess, Hecate, and their familiars). The first time I painted this was a disaster, which was a shame because I pulled an all-nighter to do it. I hate all-nighters, so perhaps that gives you perspective as to how disappointed I was in its failure. Anyway, it's not my favorite painting or anything, but I'm so relieved that my second try was much more successful. (And no, you're not going to get the privilege to see that horrendous first painting, it's too embarrassing. It's already lining my trash bin.)

The thing that sucks about watercolor is that I can never get the values as strong as I would like. Watercolor is not made for strong darks or super-saturated colors, but I keep trying anyway. It's so tempting to alter the painting in Photoshop before presenting it online, but I try not to cheat, I swear!

Okay, I feel like I'm really rambling now. I'm drunk with sleepiness and hunger. Thanks for reading. Until next time!


  1. I think your values are incredible!
    Very admirable.
    You're definitely a master at value and watercolors.
    I am horrible at making me values varied when I use watercolors...paints in general..
    I wish I could overcome making everything one tone.
    This is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! I was pointed here by someone who said your work reminded them of Sleep No More-- is that indeed what's inspired your paintings of Lady Macbeth? Because they're beautiful, and so capture the feel of the show.

  3. Thank you, Sarah and Amanda! These paintings are, indeed, inspired by Sleep No More. I saw the show and was floored by its awesomeness, so I promptly read Macbeth and proceeded to make drawings about it!