Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brer Bear, Brer Rabbit, and Brer Labrador

So last week's project was put on hold for a bit, as I had some other deadlines to meet. First, Blue Line Art is hosting this year's sketch card auction for Comics For Cures. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, and a gallery show of the donated cards will take place in Florence, KY on April 4, 2009. Here's one of my donations, inspired by my pal Shanon*:

AND THEN - Back in January I threw my name in a pot to win a pair of Bishop and Seventh twist seam pants from Laws of General Economy, a clothing swap blog. Basically, you pay a nominal shipping fee for lightly worn (or new) designer stuff. A couple weeks ago, I was notified that I won! But my wallet has not been kind to me lately, and I can't justify spending $$ on something I don't need. I responded to the giver, politely declining the prize, but she offered to send them to me anyway! For free! So touched was I by her act of generosity that I offered to paint her a little something. We talked a bit - she's married, living in Texas, and she has a chocolate lab, a lop-eared bunny, and two daughters who love BEARS. Naturally, I came up with this in honor of her daughters:

And the sketches:

Thank you, Pam, for being awesome. I hope you like the painting, and I wish you and your family the best!

FINALLY - I'm participating in Art House Co-op's 10,000 Project. Eventually, there will be a gallery show in Atlanta, GA and the 1,000 "best" (whatever that means) entries will be published in an Art House series book. Sketches and such to come.

*Click on images to enlarge.


  1. Ellen!! You are so welcome!! I am still shrieking out loud at how wonderful the drawing is!!!!!! I can HARDLY WAIT. Don't mean to be effusive, but that is soooo my animal family. Thank you, my dear :)

    And yes, I will hunt you down when I come to Boston in June. We'll have a proper lunch.

  2. Ellen!!!!!
    What a lovely surprise after spending a long a$$ day at school!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawing!! You are such a dear, and so generous. That is EXACTLY the nature of my little animal brood. And the bear looks just like the one that my little redhead loves so much in "Why Can't You Sleep Little Bear?" My goodness, I am so honored. And I am so glad you liked the clothing. We must be the same size!

    I will holler at you when I know my dates to Boston in June. I look forward to having a proper lunch with you :)