Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I took a trip to AIB today to use their awesomely-awesome scanners for some of my recent work. I'm so excited because I learned that I still have an account with the computer lab (!!) so I can go and use their stuff whenever I want. Below are some illustrations that before now were being represented by poorly scanned images*:
Illustrations for Boston's Weekly Dig Christmas issue, 2008. (You Annoy Me print by Katie Rowley, can be purchased here.)

Personal work, 2009.

And this week has been all about the moose. I'm doing lots of moose drawings, for exciting and secret reasons. More to come later. Maybe. If I feel like revealing the secret.

As a side note, I got Pam's package in the mail last Thursday with not one, but TWO pairs of pants AND a killer scarf. Everything fits me like a glove and I'm ultra-stoked. Pam rocks.

Until next week!

*Click to enlarge


  1. we still have accounts at the labs at aib?!?!?! like i can go in there and print new work for my portfolio or whatever??? too cool. also i want an alum library card.

    work looks great as usual!


  2. Hi! Catching up on your awesome blog. Love the illustrations, and I am quite intrigued by the moose theme. So is the plural of moose "mooses or meese??" HA!

    You're so welcome for pants and scarf!! I will get back to you soon on our upcoming project. :)