Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On a Mid-Day Plane to Georgia

I was expecting a scene of everyone on the porch, in rocking chairs, sipping sweet tea and reminiscing. As it turns out, the only rocking chair went mostly unused, and it had an ugly cushion thing over it anyway. So much for the scene I was prepared to draw.

But that's okay, because my weekend in Georgia was wonderful. So wonderful that I don't want to be back home yet. I miss my family, I miss spring.

For those loyal readers who want pretty pictures, fear not, for I managed to get a little sketching in when I wasn't falling over myself to hold my baby niece. Behold Uncle Rick:

Those raw, stray marks are the alphabet of my cousin's young daughter. A girl who believes that following 26, one turns 9:30 years old. Oh, and she hates the word "marriage." Why? because she hates all words, of course!

**Edited to add that, yes, I'm aware that I'm late with this week's post. I told you from the beginning that I'm not good at keeping up with these things! Still, I'll try to keep to my Tuesdays.

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