Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mark Twain makes a shining ass of himself.

So, guess what? Matt identified the mystery bug! Apparently, it is a "spider beetle," a pantry bug that eats grains. Completely harmless, except that it's trying to get into my food. From the light fixtures...in the ceiling. Not too bright, are they? Read more about them here (scroll down a bit).

Meanwhile, I've been brainstorming for the upcoming issue of Inbound, the publication of Boston Comics Roundtable. Issue #4 has a local history theme, and Matt has clued me in on a delightful story in which Mark Twain makes a big speech and completely embarrasses himself. What's not to love? Other characters include Oliver Wendell Holmes, Longfellow, Emerson, and a barefooted mountain man who tells Longfellow to shut his "yawp." Oh, and Holmes threatens to sit on and smother someone. Are you hooked yet?

Also, remember the sexy fitting room scene? Well, I'm reworking it to make the other characters more interested in the indecent goings-on, inspired by Sam Hamilton's comment on a previous post.

When I post next, I'll have been to Warner Robins, GA and back and hopefully I'll have some more sketches to show off.


  1. you did a FANTASTIC job on those historical portraits. i love emerson. <3

  2. Your drawings are gorgeous. And the bugs are disturbing. And your drawings are gorgeous!