Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cantharids, Huh?

Sorry, y'all, but no illustrations this week. I've been trying to write up a script for the Mark Twain comic for Inbound #4. Speaking of, I wouldn't be a good pseudo-BCR member/lurker if I didn't at least try to convince you to mosey on over to the Boston Comics Roundtable store where you can purchase issues 1-3. A great salesperson I am not, but a supporter of local comics I am! Be a sport and grab an issue. Or three.

Also, I've stumbled upon an idea for a series that may satisfy the 10,000 Project, so be on the lookout for something new coming up, something suitable for the young'uns.

Emerson: "Give me agates for my meat; Give me cantharids to eat; From air and ocean bring me foods, From all zones and altitudes."

Miner: "Mr. Emerson, if you'll excuse me, this ain't no hotel!"

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