Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sa physionomie annoncait son ame.

For the Teeny Tiny Art Show 7, I've jumped back on the literary train and I'm doing a series based on Candide by Voltaire, my most recent read. This time, I'm taking the opportunity to work with limited space and limited composition, making 2"x3" portraits of the book's characters.

I've begun with Candide and Cunegonde to warm up, but I'm really looking forward to playing with designs for the secondary characters (the two...uh..."romantic" leads are purposely bland, until one turns ugly at least). In particular, Pangloss should be fun; he lost one eye, one ear, some teeth, and the end of his nose to syphilis!


  1. Those are some great drawings. I like your ideas for this. I hope to see what it looks like when you are done.

  2. These are like trading cards for Voltaire! Tres bon!