Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zen Brewing

A sneak peak at my illustration for the next Beer Advocate BYOB! I'm loving this regular gig! The editorial talks about maintaining a regular home brewing regimen, and the author dropped the phrase "zen brewing." I latched onto those two words and off I went!

Here's the concept sketch, just for funsies (it was sketch #2 of 3).

Since Matt and I will be in France in a few months, I've begun audio French lessons. In the spirit of parlais Francais I've been listening to French music all afternoon. My favorite is Carla Bruni!

Coming soon: Teeny Tiny art and maybe something special for the Boston Comics Roundtable! Have a great week!

Edited to add: I suddenly got a wild hair up my butt and I decided to change my blog design a bit. What do you think?


  1. Ah, that came out great! Also, Carla Bruni is great. Sarkozy can sure pick 'em.

  2. the lighting is phenomenal, dahling <3

  3. It's not in the same vein as Carla Bruni, but Stereo Total is a fun band that sings in French, German AND English! They are a French-German electropop duo from Berlin. They do a fun remake of the Beatles "Drive My Car" in French called "Tu Peux Conduire Ma Bagnole".