Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Go Away You Horrid Man

At the eleventh hour, I decided to bang something out for Jimmy Giegerich's project, Bits in Multiples of 8: An 8bit-64bit Video Game Fan Art Zine. I don't know the man personally, but his zine has been endorsed by the likes of Kali Ciesemier and Sam Bosma—plus his work is really fun and grotesque—so how could I not jump on board?

I certainly hope and expect that everyone is familiar with Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but I'm not sure how many played the video game for NES. If you haven't, you've sadly missed out on the fun of punching an 8-bit woman in the face and seeing her call you "horrid," as though all you did was insult her hat. Then there's the titular character himself, who does nothing but either (a) run around like a psychopathic 8-year-old out of Ritalin, or (b) stare blankly at a wall.

It was one of my favorite games.


  1. lolz... you should have gone to MICA. Jimmy & Andrea Kalfas were in my last semester senior thesis & my neighbors

  2. Haha—Nope, I should have gone exactly where I did. But all you MICA folks are lucky to have surrounded each other with such amazing talent :)