Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lipton Hoodie


So, about a month ago I was approached by a couple students from the Actor's Studio Drama School asking if they could use my James Lipton caricature for some class hoodies. I said yes under one condition: that they'd have one made for me too!

Many thanks to Kristen Kress, Criena House, and the rest of their batchmates. I hope you love your hoodies as much as I love mine!

And if you see James Lipton, tell him I said hi!

Edited to add: I've been informed that Inside the Actors Studio is doing a show with the cast of Madmen and Kristen, Criena, and their batchmates are going to wear the hoodies to the taping. It's like a part of me will be in the same room as Jon Hamm!


  1. Thanks again for letting us use your artwork! My batchmates are loving it! - Criena

  2. So great on so many levels! You have like one degree of separation from John Hamm now = severe jealously.

    Bravo my dear, Bravo!

  3. Boss

    -Eric Schwartz