Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thinking of You

Sometimes a commission comes my way that really sparks my creativity.  For her mother's birthday, Dawn asked that I illustrate a poem close to her heart, one penned by the mother in question.  It's a short, simple and sweet piece depicting a moment in time, frozen and cherished in memory: a mother and father with their two sons and baby daughter.  Dawn gave me brilliant imagery to work with, including a butter-yellow rocking chair with painted white daisies, shag carpet, brown plaid furniture, a stuffed yellow dog and a 1970s-era G.I. Joe.  I so enjoyed creating this living room, dressing the characters, choosing a wallpaper pattern.  There's a little bit of my own mother reflected in the woman sewing, recollected bits from old photos saved and stories told.  I was thrilled to find out that—even without strict direction or reference—the scene strongly resembles Dawn's actual childhood home.

Now that Dawn's mom's birthday has passed and there's no danger of spoiling a surprise, I'm happy to be able to share the illustration with you!  Aurora, I hope you love it.

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