Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Wild MeCAF Approaches

Happy Saturday, everyone!  As y'all know, I'm horrible at promoting myself when I'm exhibiting at comic cons—Boston Comic Con and MoCCA slipped by with barely a mention—but today I'm on my way to Portland, Maine for Maine Comics Arts Festival (MeCAF)!  The exhibition is tomorrow and it's going to be suh-WEET.  Basically, just imagine everyone cool ever and know that even COOLER people are going to be there.  (And me.  I'm going to be there too.)

Specially made in honor of MeCAF, I'm debuting a brand new minicomic, aptly named "I Should Make a Minicomic!"  I've also printed my hourly comics from February and there are still some copies left of "The Woodsman and the Bear."  (The next time I print "The Woodsman..." I plan to design a new cover, so if you want the original you better snag it while it's still around!)

As well as my stand-by archival art prints—including new illos as well as old favorites—I'll have a selection of illustrated greeting cards!  All are printed with the same quality inks as my art prints so they have a dual function as mail and mini-print!  Each is blank inside and includes a cream textured envelope.
AND on top of all that, I'm doing black-and-white portraits (8.5"x11") with sales of $5 or more!  Five bucks for some cool merch and an original drawing?  Can it get any better?

I'm so excited for this expo, it's going to be a blast!  I hope to see you there!

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  1. Sweeeeeet! You are pretty cool in my book! Can't wait to check out the new mini-comics!