Monday, March 16, 2009

EXTRA - Mystery Bug!

I would like to adhere to a strict weekly updating schedule for my blog, but Matt and I have made a discovery tonight that I couldn't wait until tomorrow to write about. We have a mystery bug in our apartment! We first encountered this little guy a few weeks ago in our bed, half-dead and trying to drag itself away by its single working leg. We realized then that it wasn't a spider, because it clearly had six legs and a set of antennae. It was hard to make any assumptions about the species because it was mostly crushed, so we flushed it down the toilet and forgot about it.

Fast forward to tonight when we replaced a bulb in the ceiling fixture in our studio/office. Matt found over a dozen of them, all dead, in our fixture! We threw most of them away, but kept two good specimens in hopes to take some photos. Unfortunately, they're too small for our stupid camera to focus on. So below find my very unscientific drawings of our little houseguests*:

I wouldn't feel so yucky about them if I only knew what they were. We submitted the drawings to What's That Bug? in hopes to get some answers. In the meantime, I'm emailing my landlord. (Does a little over a dozen bugs constitute an infestation?)

On a less icky note, here's another one of my donations to Comics For Cures:

Mark Twain, one of our moustachio'ed men of greatness. (I think it would be fun to do a triptych of Mark Twain, Einstein, and Kurt Vonnegut. And maybe John Lanza for good measure.) I'm a dork and I didn't send my donations until this afternoon (the deadline is March 20). I hope they reach Kentucky on time.

*As always, click the image to enlarge


  1. yeah! mark twain!!!
    matt loves mark twain, right? haha. You should totally do that triptych of those shnazzy gentlemen. And John Lanza, for having genius style.
    ps - Comics for Cures seems so nice. How sweet of you to do it!!

  2. The bug is much more enjoyable on paper than on the walls. Looks like a tick. Yuk! Mark Twain is amazing. As usual, I am bowled over by your talent.